Cut Out


I wanted to try different lighting environments. One inside and one outside. I think that the inside light was easier to grab a selection and had I been using CS6 I think I could have gotten a cleaner outline. The one that was the hardest was the one with my niece standing with the sun back lit as a key light. I really should have used a flash to fill her in more.

3 thoughts on “Cut Out

  1. Your cut outs are really great. I especially love how you managed to catch the light in the photo of your niece and also how well you did at selecting her hair – that’s not easy. I attempted it and then changed my photo! Also your photo showing the stars is amazing. Where was that…and how did you do it? Great work Rex, im looking forward to seeing more of your photos!

    • Thanks for the complement and comment.vI took the photo with the cabin and stars at my grandparents house in Bear Lake, ID. I just set the exposure to 30sec on a tripod, opened up the aperture to f/3.5 and took the photo. It was shot in RAW so I was able to go into Photoshop later and pull out more definition on the cabin, as well as push the image around a little to pull out the stars.

  2. I am super impressed! I don’t think I could have gotten as clean of a cutout as you did, especially with the outside shot. I kept switching back between the two photos to look at the hair, but I think you did a great job with the cutouts. The graduation photo looks great too. It’s very clean without looking fake. Overall I think they look amazing.

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