Panoramic Photos

I had a wonderful time pulling these next few images together. Two years ago my phone came with the ability to take panoramic photos so my Facebook stream soon filled with a lot of landscape photos. Some people even poked a little fun at me for posting so many. So here is to all those who poked fun.

This first image was captured off of the West Dock in Pallidness Idaho. I like how the gray sky and water sandwich in the explosion of Fall color.

Sept. 25, 2012, 7:58 am, Palisades, Idaho, f/13, 1/40 sec., ISO 2500, 18 mm, This image has 10 diffident images to make this photomerge.

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This next photo I took just off of the Highway. I love how the colors pop out so much and you can see some little cabins nested in with all this color.

Sept. 25, 2012, Palisades, Idaho, 8:40 am, f/13, 1/40 sec, ISO 400, 18 mm

While my phone took great Panoramic photos as you can see Photoshop can be used to capture breathtaking scenery in a way never imagined before.